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#MagneticFiltration for removing problem ferrous particles from coolants and industrial fluids

With 100 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high performance magnetic systems, we are the industry leading magnetic company 

• Before machine tools  • After existing                     filtration • Before existing                 filtration

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• New installations  • Capital projects             • Turnkey projects• Exsiting filtration            systems 


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Compact magnetic filter for standard machine tool filtration and smaller wash stations.

• Easy clean • 3 sizes, versions                      available• Easy to install • High pressure versions        available

• Patented design • High collection capacity      relative to size • Non block design • Minimal pressure drop

MM hp50 - 725 psi version

MM hp80 - 1160 psi version

MM - 174 psi version


High performance magnetic filter for higher flow, higher contamination applications.

• Removes both magnetic     and non-magnetic   contamination 
• Minimal pressure drop • In-line connections • Ideal for use in harsh           chemical environments 

• Non block design • Unique Dual Flow                  Technology™ maximizes      collection capability • High flow capability • Operates at up to 290 psi

FiltraMag+ Mobile

An off-line filtration system for cleaning oils and coolants. This ‘Plug & Play’ unit offers efficient sub-micron filtration & can be moved easily from machine to machine.

• Simple, “Quick-Connect”            installation • High peformance, sub-                micron filtration • Cleaner, longer lasting fluids

• Cost savings in disposable          filter usage • Improved surface finish and      accuracy • Reduced waste disposable        and oil wastage


The latest generation in cost-effective fluid filtration. Fully automated operating & cleaning. Provides huge cost savings in fluids & filter consumables.

• Cleaner fluid delivery to the      machine • Reduced expenditure on            filter media • Fully automated cleaning • Reduced waste disposal

• Increased fluid lifespan • Improved surface finish and      accuracy • 24/7 uninterrupted filtration • Minimal space required

AutoMag Skid 

Fully automated for non-stop 24/7 operation. High flow and high contamination capacity. Automag is ideal for harsh chemical environments.

 • No user intervention            required • PLC compatible • No consumables used• No block design 

• Very low operational costs • Ultra fast cleaning 
• Mega high flow rate                   possible, parallel • Patented design • Reclaim system available

Designing Excellence

All manufacturing is carried out under our certified quality management system and the

ISO 14001 environmental standards.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

Quality Management System

Environmental Management


Magnetic filtration at work 

We have a track record of producing high quality products backed by a commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Spectra Premium

“Since the installation of a MicroMag, the cartridge filter life has doubled and now requires changing only every 

two weeks. Wire on the EDM machine is also lasting longer, providing a cleaner cut. The machine fluid tank is now clean, as is the fluid itself, removing the requirement to dig out the tanks periodically.” 

- Machine Operator - Spectra Premium (Wire EDM)


Fruitland Manufacturing 

“The waste removal process was taking up too much valuable time. The proper filtration system is just as, or even more important than operation speed. It saves time and money from having to stop the manufacturing process to clean the tank and repair jammed parts. The FiltraMag+ is very effective for what we needed. I am truly surprised how much contamination we’re removing and how it’s improved our process. We are proud to say that there are currently 5 FiltraMag+ systems installed at Fruitland Manufacturing and we are thrilled to 

be a part of Eclipse’s growing process”

-Machine Shop Supervisor - Fruitland Manufacturing 

(CNC Machining)

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