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Our magnetic technology is widely used at leading worldwide companies and in major development projects.

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Auto operating & cleaning 

Fully automated filtration system. Features integral waste reclaim unit. Removes ferrous contamination, putting clean fluid back into circulation. Ideal for continuous manufacturing lines.

Key Features

Increase Fluid Life by up to 10X

Our sub-micron filtration system will ensure longer lasting, cleaner fluids and also reduce waste and operating costs.

Autofiltrex is used in-line and takes dirty fluid from holding tank.

1. Taking dirty fluid

Fluid flows through filter where high intensity magnetic circuits extract ferrous contamination, including sub-micron particles.

2. Extract contamination

A magnetic reclaim separates contamination from the purge fluid and feeds clean fluid back into the system.

5. Recirculate cleaned fluid

3. Releasing contamination

When the magnets reach saturation point, a time automated purging process releases the the contamination into a purge tank.

How Autofiltrex works

Purge tank holds purged fluid & contamination before it is fed to the magnetic reclaim system.

4. Holds fluid & contamination

6. Recycle waste

Contamination is removed as semi-dry cake which then can be recycled

Please note AF1 unit is not supplied with a reclaim unit.




The contamination is attracted to the magnetic tube of the cores and extracted in a form ready for disposal or recycling.

Waste Reduction

Barrier Filter

Allows smaller particles to circulate

Magnetic Filter

Extracts virtually 100% all ferrous particles


Autofiltrex optimises filtration efficiency

Featured high intensitive magnetic rods with magnetic strengths of 9,000 gauss. Ensuring almost 100% of ferrous contamination is removed.

Autofiltrex features 3 models , each occupy minimal floorspace

Compare Magnetic Filter to Barrier Filter

Designing Excellence

Our technical applications team have a wealth of experience. All manufacturing is certified quality management system & environmental standards.

ISO 9001

Quality Management System

ISO 14001

Environmental Management


☑️ Automated cleaning ideal for heavy contamination

☑️ Improve surface finish

☑️ Reduces reject rates

☑️ Can help to increase the value of tools by 300%

☑️ Ideal for 24/7 or unmanned operations

☑️ Reduces machine maintenance downtime


Wash Systems

Tool Cutting

We have a track record of producing high quality products backed by a commitment to total customer satisfaction.

"This technology is economical, reliable and efficient. I believe that magnetic filtration technology is the future.”

Jonathan Michels


"Magnetic filtration has dramatically cleaned up our fluids and improved the

surface finish we can offer. It extracts around 50Kg per day of ferrous waste"

Facility Manager

at Milacron Machines


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